The Gift of Bread Video
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"Life giving bread is one thing. Is it possible to make genuinely healthy cake?
YES! By using the same principles of fermentation, wholegrain, stoneground flour
something wonderful can be created. We could say we are inventing the next wheel, however the reality is – white flour was only invented in the 1870's. All 'cakes' through history have been sourdough fermented– stoneground – wholegrain".

Just ask King Alfred…(after burning his first batch – he did get better)

Videos: Sourdough Recipes & Tips

Sourdough Crumpets

These are really delicious. Very quick to make using sourdough starter. To methods, in the pan for the traditional bubbles, and in the oven for convenience. Quite detailed info.

Campfire Bread (Most bread was made like this)

Making bread from absolute scratch as they would have a thousand years ago. Shows traditional bread making techniques as well as the 'camping' bit.

Sourdough Oat Biscuits

Yummy filling fruity biscuits, very quick to make from sourdough starter. Change the ingredients for a savoury version.