Going back to the 'staff of life'.


The Gift of Bread is a full time Sourdough School operating six days a week teaching people how to make wonderful bread, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
We operate as a charity providing free classes for those that can visit us in Somerset. We have video tutorials for the rest of the world.

In the past, bread was a real food. Ask any Roman soldier. He marched on it all day long.
The 'staff of life' also had real health benefits, it was filled with nutrition and is very easy to digest. It was also very practical to make. Everyone made it.
This is the bread we show you how to make!

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NOW AVAILABLE: A comprehensive Text & Video Tutorial so you can make your own Super Healthy sourdough bread!
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Four ladies and the bread they made
Lady with nice loaf of bread made in class
Tow ladies with ten loaves of sourdough bread
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If you go back to the traditional ways of making bread, before the industrial revolution, bread was different, it was a complete food. Allergies were almost unheard of. We show you how to make real bread that virtually everyone can eat.
• First, we want to make
great bread.
• Next, it must be
quick and practical to make.
• As well, it needs to be a universal
bread for everyone. Bread for diabetics, FODMAP diets, bread for the gluten intolerant. Even Coeliacs (I am one) can generally thrive on this bread.
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Informative Classes

Our experience will guide you through the process
of making sourdough bread (and cakes) with a very uncomplicated, straightforward traditional method producing fantastic results.

What we do and teach in every class

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What the gift of bread teaches…

The Amazing features of sourdough, stoneground, wholegrain, long fermented bread

EASY to make

Regardles of how good the bread tastes, how it is so easy on the system to digest and whatever health benefits it has, if it is not practical and easy to make… people will not make it!Time is precious. We teach a method that lets the sourdough microbiota do all the work for you. Less than six minutes hands on time produces three loaves of stunning bread. And… no kneading.

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SUBSTANTIAL and REAL Health Benefits

We have a detailed page on the extensive health benefits of wholegrain long fermented sourdough bread. You would not expect 'bread' to be more beneficial for you than fresh fruit and vegetables – research papers say 'yes'. Have a look at the academic papers we provide.

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People tell us over and over how filling this bread is. It keeps them totally satisfied, preventing the need to snack between meals. Additionaly, research shows that you will lose weight eating this bread. The fermenting action of the sourdough microbiota extracts all the nutrition from the wholegrain wheat producing an ultra digestible and nourishing meal. You can live on this bread. It was always described as the Staff of Life!

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Become More

We live in chaotic times with more to come. If it is not financial meltdowns, (2008) then it is world wide pandemics. Don't forget the effects of global warming creeping up on us.
It really is sensible to be able to be somewhat food independent. How to make a substantial healthy food – on a budget – that you can live on should be a priority of younger people. We are doing our best to show them how.

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Tutorial Now Available –58 pages – 15 videos

April 15th 2021.
The format of our tutorial is:  A flip page magazine with inserted videos. We use Issuu Magazine (world's largest of its type for reliability) and easy access on any device and simple payment.

Lots of pages of detailed instruction and 15 videos that visually demonstrate the steps that are difficult to explain with text.
There are individual sections and videos on making – a starter from scratch all the way to the finished loaf.

Are you ready to start baking real bread?

Use the booking form below for our free classes in the UK.
Or, if you are out of reach to Martock, Somerset, UK, we have a very detailed  
tutorial – 58 pages and 15 videos. Full price £10.00  Less than US $14.00
OR… View tutorial info

See what our class 'bakers' say about making this bread
and how it has benefitted them

Jump to video reviews from former class attendees. See what they say.

A very detailed Tutorial – for those that cannot make it to our free classes

Our tutorial uses the flip page magazine format with videos in place of certain images. This gives extensive instructions in both written format and videos.

Download Tutorial Now  £10.00
  • Practical instruction from years of teaching experience
  • Easy to use
  • For desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Besides actual bread making, the history and health aspects are all covered. You need some background to know why this bread is special. AND… much more.
  • Covers all aspects needed for successful bread making.
  • Continual free updates.
  • Very modest price:  £10.00 /  US $13 approx  /  Europe €10.00
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