The One Sourdough Bread Tutorial You
Will Ever Need

Our years of bread teaching experience gathered into one volume…

What is Real Bread?

Making bread is one thing. Making bread that is a real food is another thing entirely. To be a real food the flour used must be the whole grain. Nature designed it that way, and that is what works best. Next, commercial yeast won’t do anything for you. It is used purely as a raising agent. The real benefits come from using a natural sourdough starter – as nature designed it. The culture is full of microbiota that can break down the wheat and extract all the nutritional and health benefits from the grain (prodigious) passing it on to us in an available form . Real bread is a fermented product like cheese and yogurt and sauerkraut .
It is good for you. Very good.

We show you the whole process.

A bit of history helps. Knowing where bread has come from and where it diverted off the rails is helpful in knowing where you are going and why. Then comes the nitty gritty. First is the sourdough starter, we run through everything you need to start your own, maintain it, and store it long-term, frozen or dried, and reactivate it again. Mixing the dough is done by hand, it takes less than two minutes, flour, water and salt are the only ingredients. (The starter is flour and water). There is no kneading. The dough is left for some time, days, in a cool place (fridge) to ferment . It is ‘shaped’ – made in to the loaves, left to rise and then baked.
Everyone of these stages is broken down to bite size bits and explained and demonstrated from many different angles. All coming from the experience we have had successfully teaching hundreds of people.
We know what you need to know.

Loaves of sourdough bread baked at our classes

Our Tutorial is expected to available in February 2021

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What we have… is the expertise to help people to make superlative bread for themselves. We know where people trip up, what they find complicated.
Each stage is turned into simple steps. No detail is left out.
You will be able to make great bread.

A lot more to come as we near the release date of the tutorial!

More than just bread…

Features covered in the tutorial


Print And Video

Our tutorial features plenty of written material as well as hours of video presentation. People have requested both as preference.


All About Sourdough Starters

We cover starting a starter from scratch. Maintaining it (feeding). Using a dried starter, how to make a dried starter for storing. Freezing and all other details you need.


The Simple Ingredients

What flours you are advised to use, salt and water is all that is needed. But … we go into all sorts of variations.


The Difference Between Traditional And Modern Bread

We cover the basics, and more, of why you should be making this bread.


Shaping And Proving

We have found that this is the one place people can find a bit tricky. It is a bit of a knack. We get you there with detailed guidance that makes it simple.


Baking Your Bread

We cover everything from a basic microwave /convection oven to a semi commercial oven, wood fired ovens, camping using a cast iron pot, you name it we cover it.


Spicing It Up

This one basic dough can be transformed in any direction you want to go. Fruit and nuts, olives, sundries tomatoes. We show you how to adapt to any flavour.


Pizzas Etc

We cover pizzas. Wood fired oven. Deep dish household oven, and regular thin pizzas in a regular oven. We like pizzas.


Cakes, Crumpets, Etc

Does 'sourdough' make cakes. Before white flour and yeast was invented, for thousands of years they made HEALTHY cakes the way we will show you.

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